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NLCA Records Request


New Life Christian Academy

Millbrook, AL 

1979 - 2024

Records and Transcripts Policy

New Life Transcript Policy

Transcripts cost $25.00 per request. A request is one transcript sent to one location. Multiple transcripts or multiple locations are considered multiple transcript requests and are billed accordingly. NLCA graduates are given their first three (3) transcripts at no charge as a courtesy. Payment must be received before transcripts are sent.  


For a transcript to be considered official, it must be sent directly from NLCA Records to the recipient company or institution. No one else may have access to the records. This means that only records sent directly to a company or institution are considered OFFICIAL Transcripts. Records or transcripts given to an individual are considered UNOFFICIAL and are not accepted as official records. Both unofficial and official transcripts are charged according to the New Life Transcript Policy fee structure. 


Payments may be made over the phone, in person or by mailing payments to:

New Life Millbrook

Attn: NLCA Records

PO Box 785

Millbrook, AL 36054 

Note: An additional $2 convenience fee per transcript will be added for Credit / Debit Card charges. 

Complete this Form for Records Requests:

Please complete all sections of this form.

Select a payment option:

NOTE: Payment must be received before transcripts can be sent.

NOTE: NLCA graduates will not be charged for their first three (3) transcripts. If you do not know how many transcripts you have received, please contact the office during regular business hours. 

Thanks for submitting!

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